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Find a valuable data, is a discovery. The beginning of everything is the collection. and the key, the analysis...

In Clever we are specialized in data collection in compliance with all regulatory requirements, and following the strictest quality control process "online" (since 2002) and paper (since 1990) in order to perform meticulous and valuable analysis to the researcher.
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A valuable data, a find, BIOSTATISTICS, discretion, validation of a scale, revision of a verbatim, living science for science, SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES, understanding the epistemology, CRO, DOCTORS, read the truth in numbers, deeply knowledge of the pharmaceutical environment, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION, protocoling an investigation idea, ONLINE, creatively capture the results, DATABASES, LABORATORIES, direct marketing, RESPECT OF THE NORMATIVE, usability test, SURVEYS, experience, method.
Clever follows rigorous normalized working processes which drive all the key aspects of the project management, data management, biostatistics, clinical trial and scientific writing.
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